Nissan robots inspired by animals

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The self-driving cars concept has been gaining quite a lot of popularity lately. So much so that what once was just a popular clip from the Will Smith’s iRobot futuristic movie with the actor being chased in his self-driving Audi R8, today is just a matter of ‘when’ it will happen rather than ‘if’.

Nissan has been actively working on the subject, and their engineers have been doing their homework to come up with an interesting approach in their most recent study.

Nissan’s engineers have been inspired by the animal kingdom as they develop new technologies that will shape the future of mobility. One of Nissan’s longer term R&D goals is to achieve virtually zero fatalities and serious injuries among occupants of its vehicles. Toru Futami, engineering director of advanced technology and research, said that studying the behavior of animals moving in groups helps engineers understand how vehicles can interact with each other for a safer and more efficient driving environment. Watch the video above and see what we’re talking about.
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by: Carpower360