2021 Cadillac ESCALADE Sport ► Super Cruise POV Test Drive

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Here’s the 2021 Cadillac ESCALADE 4WD Sport. The Super Cruise system is a hands-free technology that uses multiple sensors to allow you to drive hands-free. Cadillac has mapped roads with proprietary LiDar technology (laser radar) and this data is combined with real-time GPS info and data from on-car cameras and sensors.

This video is a POV test drive/walk-around from a first person’s perspective. The POV shot represents what the driver sees/experiences while driving and also shows/demonstrates most or all of the car features. No verbal comments or opinions from the driver are expressed in the video.

Price as tested: $107,310
Exterior Color: Crystal White Tricoat
Interior Color: Whisper Beige/Jet Black
6.2L V8
420 hp/460 lb-ft
Top Speed: 110 mph
10-speed automatic
0-60: 6.8 seconds
Fuel Economy (EPA): 14 city/ 19 highway/ 16 combined

00:00​ Start
00:51​ Driving starts
01:53​ Camera views
02:30​ Augmented Reality Display
03:35​ Augmented-reality turn-by-turn navigation
06:00​ Super Cruise test
08:54​ Infotainment
09:45​ Audio test
10:11​ City Drive
12:48​ Back to highway
13:35​ More Super Cruise driving
15:05​ Walkaround and interior
19:25​ Engine

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