US gas prices are below $1/gallon

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Great news! The gas prices have officially dipped below the $1 mark in the United States. Michigan is the first state with a gas station selling fuel for less than $1 per gallon.

The guys from Beacon & Bridge Market in Houghton Lake is asking just 78 cents for a gallon (3.78 liters) of gas which is a bargain.

AAA Michigan says gas prices in the state have diminished by about 13 cents in the last week. If you are also searching for cheap gas you can run to a Marathon gas station located in Houghton Lake where it costs just 95 cents.

Around the Detroit metropolitan area, the average gas price stands at around $1.73 per gallon, a decrease by 12 cents compared to last week. This are just good news for the petrolheads in the United States. They should enjoy this while it lasts. At certain point in the future the prices will come to a normal level.

Via | WXYZ

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