Test Drive Review of the 2016 BMW 750i

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With the 2016 BMW 7-Series arriving at U.S. dealerships last October, the automotive press has had a lot to comment on.

This new 2016 BMW 750i is far more advanced than the outgoing model and makes use of carbon fiber just as the “I” cars do. Although you won’t see much of it looking at 2016 BMW 750i pictures online, with most of the carbon fiber being used inside and underneath, the beauty of this new 7-Series is still remarkable.

2016 BMW 750i review

The car we chose for our BMW 750i review came loaded and also included BMW’s love-it-or-hate-it Infotainment system. Even with all of the options available to us, this new 7-Series is lighter than the previous model while still retaining the same size. Clean lines and a larger Active Kidney Grille, which manages airflow for efficiency, are two noticeable differences on the outside while other areas, including the brightwork, wheel wells and hood, might need a second glance.

Inside the 2016 BMW 750i, you will find more brightwork and a formal, yet elegant, instrument panel and seating area. U.S. models only get long-wheelbase versions with an additional inch of rear legroom and the back seat area can be equipped with luxury-sedan accommodations or something more chauffeur-worthy. BMW has added ambient lighting and a fragrance option to personalize the interior and heated seats and armrests are available front and rear.

2016 BMW 750i technology features

     The 2016 BMW 750i has a new Gesture Control feature for the iDrive interface, a larger head-up display and a second-generation Night Vision 2 system with Pedestrian Detection. Combine that with BMW’s touch screen technology and iDrive with its 12.3-inch landscape-oriented touchscreen display and you have a technologically advanced interior that surpasses the competition.

BMW didn’t skimp on the interior and they didn’t leave out a powerful engine and transmission combination under the hood. With a 4.4-liter TwinPower turbocharged V-8 that produces 445 hp, the 2016 BMW 750i has enough power to navigate traffic and remain efficient. Even the eight-speed automatic transmission is now linked to navigation-system data, enabling the BMW 7-Series’ shift characteristics to change with curves and terrain.

If you want a luxury car that includes power, technology and fuel efficiency, the 2016 BMW 750i might be what you are looking for.

by: Carpower360