Test Drive Review of the 2016 BMW 650i Convertible

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For the BMW faithful, the 2016 BMW 650i convertible is the penultimate offering from the German automaker and is one that many drivers pine after. This all new version of the 6-Series convertible was recently introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and as 2016 BMW 650i convertible pictures show, the new look is liked by many.

2016 BMW 650i Convertible-new exterior styling

The new exterior styling includes a new version of the kidney-shaped grill, which those looking closely will notice, it is missing one vertical bar. The new design, including the integrated turn signals, offer better aerodynamics and fuel economy as well. Drivers will notice that BMW updated the headlights giving them adaptive LED headlights standard. In the rear, they will see a wider stance, larger exhaust tips and a new rear window surround. Our test car came with the Black Accent package on the front grill bars and exhaust tips, as well as unique 19-inch wheels.

Since this is a 2016 BMW650i Convertible test drive review, we wanted to see what the new 445-hp V8 engine felt like on the road. All models come standard with an 8-speed automatic transmission so we will see how that holds up for our testers.

650i Convertible-powerful, easy to drive

Power was what we expected and handling can only be described as incredible. Braking was adequate and the suspension felt stiffer than normal but that could be due to the fact that it is a convertible and there is more structural bracing necessary.

The interior is covered in premium leathers and the seating holds the driver and passenger securely and comfortably. Controls were easy to use and the BMW infotainment was familiar and easy to understand. The interior has been updated but the feel is still premium quality and all BMW. That is something about the 2016 BMW 650i Convertible that BMW didn’t change and that can all be happy about.

New EPA numbers haven’t been announced for the 2016 BMW 6 Series lineup yet, but we are sure they will be similar to the outgoing 6-Series’ numbers of 16/25 mpg City/Highway. Just as fuel economy hasn’t been announced, pricing hasn’t either but it should be slightly higher than last year’s base price of $76,100.

by: Carpower360