Tesla Model S – 76 hours and 5 minutes to travel across the U.S.

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The Elon Musk-owned Tesla Motors has completed a record-setting cross-country trip from Los Angeles to New York City. To be precise, two Tesla Model S managed to cover the 3,427 mile journey.

The trip took 76 hours and five minutes, with 59 hours and 34 minutes of that time spent driving, 15 hours and 1 minute spent charging and 34 minutes to put chains during crossing the snowy Vail Pass in Colorado. Furthermore, the cars had to advance through freezing temperatures, rain, blizzards and even a sand storm.

The two Tesla Model S were driven by a crew of 15 drivers with Sara Eslinger and Jalpa Patel having the honor to cross the finish line.

This trip was possible because Tesla Motors mounted new Superchargers stations across the U.S. All Superchargers are free to use for the top-spec Tesla Model S model, are faster than regular charging.

With a Supercharger the Tesla Model S can be charged in approximately 20 minutes. Furthermore, the two cars needed 1,197.8 kWh to get across the U.S.

According to Tesla officials, the trip saved 136 gallons of fuel and $435 against the average 25mpg car, assuming the price per gallon is $3.20.

by: Carpower360