Porsche unveiled three new bikes

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Porsche has officially revealed three new members of its special bike collection. Named Bike RX, Bike RS and Bike, all these three models are available for order starting next month.

Despite having two less wheels than the typical sport cars from Stuttgart, these bikes are still a genuine Porsche. The Porsche Bike RX was designed for off-road use and is equipped with a 20 speed gear made by Schimano. It also has a carbon fiber frame and rides on a DT Swiss air suspension fork. The braking system is offered by Magura and features hydraulic disc brakes.

Porsche bikes components

The Porsche Bike RS has only 9 kilograms and is also made from carbon fiber components. Just like the Bike RX, it has Magura brakes and 20 speed Shimano gear. “The Bike RS was designed for sporty rides through vibrant urban settings or on extended trips”, said Porsche in the official statement.

Last but not leas is the Porsche Bike which has received an 8-speed Shimano Alfine gear assembly, MT26 Magura disc brakes and a low-wear geared belt drive. The latest feature was developed for those who mainly travel by bike within city areas.

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