New Cadillac interior features acoustic guitar-like wood

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Nowadays car manufacturers work really hard at adding new features that will somehow set them apart in the highly competitive automobile market. Sometimes they hit the target and are right on the money, and other times it’s just a huge miss; in the end, buyers will judge and determine what works and what doesn’t.

This time the Designing Team at Cadillac thought it would be a good idea to add a unique type of wood to the interior of its current lineup. It’s called Sapele, a sustainable, fast-growing wood known for giving acoustic guitars a little extra zing.

Cadillac expects this harmonious combination of wood and other rich materials will appeal to different customer profiles.

Sapele in tones of “nutella” brown and “raven” black add a dash of elegance to the 2014 Cadillac XTS’s award-winning interior design. Other high-gloss and open-pore wood trims such as black marble burl, black olive ash, okapi contra, smoked laurel burl and real “piano black” raven wood accent other Cadillac interiors.

When considering wood trims, Cadillac interior designers research furnishing trends, paying close attention to color, tone and grain movement when combining wood with materials such as brushed aluminum and carbon fiber. Ultimately, the designers select woods that embody Cadillac’s luxury appeal.

“By using multiple woods, we were able to come up with a rich mix of materials that will appeal to different customers,” says Erin Crossley, a Cadillac design manager. “Sapele, for instance, has a rich grain structure with a lot of movement. Just by looking at it, you know that it is genuine.”

XTS’s interior design is one of the more modern and sophisticated interpretations of the brand’s Art and Science design philosophy that incorporates sharp, sheer forms and crisp edges – a form vocabulary that invokes the high technology used to create it. In April, editors at Ward’sAuto named the XTS among its 10 Best Interiors of 2013 from a field of 46 new or refreshed nominees.

The XTS Platinum model, in particular, offers the highest levels of refinement with full Opus leather seat treatments and genuine Sapele wood details that create a luxurious interior environment.

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