Hyundai, Honda and MINI – Super Bowl commercials

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Hyundai, Honda and MINI are the first car manufacturers that have published their Super Bowl 50 car commercials. We are beginning with the Hyundai and the new 2017 Elantra.

In the first video called “The Chase” we see two hikers that are being chased by bears. The couple rushes to the car and the man uses the smart watch to start the Elantra thanks to the Hyundai’s Blue Link Remote Start app.

In the second video called “Ryanville” we see two women driving around in the Ryan Reynolds’s neighborhood. This is for all of you ladies!

Honda Super Bowl 50 commercial

On the other side, Honda is promoting the new 2017 Ridgeline. The car was the star of the 2015 North American International Auto Show and now it shows us a pack of singing sheep and a talking dog.

“Great Super Bowl spots are entertaining for the fans while communicating an essential value of the product, and we believe our Honda Ridgeline commercial accomplishes both objectives in dramatic fashion”, said Honda Senior Vice President Jeff Conrad.

MINI Super Bowl 50 commercial

Last, but not least is the MINI Super Bowl 50 commercial. The ad is named “Defy Labels,” and has its roots in the fact that everyone and everything is labeled but how you handle those labels is what matters.

“Ever since the first Mini was built in 1959, it has been labeled as one thing or another. It’s small. It’s cute,” said Tom Noble, department head, MINI Brand Communications, MINI USA. “This campaign acknowledges those labels in a very authentic way while simultaneously showing people MINI is more than that. With the launch of the new Clubman, our brand is growing up, our products are more sophisticated, and it’s time to reset the conversation.”

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