Ford increases virtual crash computing power to ensure customer safety

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To facilitate growing demands for virtual crash test data, Ford is increasing their investment in computing power by an additional 50 percent this year. This technology will allow Ford to conduct virtual crash test more more quickly.

More than 2 million crash test simulations have been run over the past 10 years. The use of advanced computer crash test models also allows Ford’s safety teams to quickly evaluate and verify a variety of designs.

“Today’s vehicles come in a greater variety of body styles, and have more technology and driver-assist features – and many countries have unique regulations,” said Steve Kenner, global director, Ford automotive safety office. “We are able to manage this workload efficiently thanks to our significant investment in technology and the hard work of our teams.”

What safety means to Ford

According to Ford, more than 500 engineers around the globe are dedicated to safety at the U.S. based firm. All these teams are running thousands of computer simulations before the physical tests are conducted. These tests include frontal impact, side impact, rear impact, roof strength and safety systems check.

“Ford is committed to designing vehicles that are safe for our customers,” said Nand Kochhar, Ford global safety chief engineer. “In the early stages of vehicle design, we use computer simulations; later we use crash test verification to ensure our vehicles perform as expected.”

by: Carpower360