Chrysler highlights its involvement in the World War II – Video

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is celebrating the 75th anniversary of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Arsenal of Democracy” speech by unveiling a short documentary. The video reveals and highlights Chrysler’s involvement in World War Two.

This new documentary is named “Automakers and the Arsenal of Democracy” and starts FCA US historian Brandt Rosenbusch who explores Chrysler’s wartime production. As you may have read, on those times Chrysler delivered tanks, trucks, guns, ammunition, rockets, and bombs.

The story of this documentary starts in 1930’s when the U.S. Government officials approached Chrysler and asked the company to build tanks. The Chrysler officials realized that their facilities can’t built tanks but they moved quickly and developed a new plant in Warren, Michigan.

As you can imagine, the U.S. Government was heavily involved in this but Chrysler’s know-how was a game changer. The first tank rolled off the production line 13 months after the contract was signed. The first tanks were M3 Grant but soon they were replaced by M4 Sherman tanks. Another interesting fact is that during the war, Chrysler built more than 25,000 tanks which is more than Germany built altogether.

by: Carpower360