Apple has registered new car-related domain names

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According to our sources, Apple is moving well in the automotive industry. Now, the U.S-based giant has registered a few of automotive top-level domain names including:, and For now, we don’t have much details about their use, but we think Apple could use those domains to promote the Apple CarPlay system.

According to speculation the company has registered the names in order to promote their future electric vehicle. As you may have read, Apple is working on an electric vehicle codenamed Titan. Several hundred people are involved in this project and lots of them have a great automotive background.

Apple car – The rumors

As Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk joked last year, Apple is the “Tesla graveyard” of ex-employees. More than that he also said that “If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple.”

Even though Apple is tight-lipped about this project, documents have shown the company’s Special Project division talked with officials at GoMentum Station in order to test the car at the former naval base. The same report says the Apple car could be on the streets in 2019. But these are only a few rumors and we don’t have an official statement. Until then, try to access all the domains written above.

by: Carpower360