Next-gen Chevrolet SS could be based on the Alpha architecture

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General Motors is considering a new rear-wheel drive sports sedan to replace the actual Chevrolet SS. This info is offered by our colleagues from Autocar who also said that the future model will be built in the U.S.

“Affordable rear-drive performance cars would remain part of GM’s product portfolio beyond the Aussie Holden’s demise”, said Dave Leone, Senior GM engineer.

According to the same report, the model could eventually be offered in Australia by Holden and HSV (Holden Special Vehicles). “If you are a performance enthusiast, then rear-wheel drive is the way to go and that’s the part of the rear-drive Alpha platform will play”, added Dave Leone.

As you may have read, General Motors announced it would stop making cars in Australia and New Zeeland by the end of 2017, citing high costs and a poor supply chain as the reasons behind this decision.

by: Carpower360